Cyclops Guide and Build


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Oct 9, 2018
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If you are against a Mage on the mid lane, start with your 2nd Skill and hide into a side bush. When you can target him walk towards him and use your 2nd Skill. This will make all 5 planets hit your target dealing higher damage than any of his skills at level one.

If by level 2, the mid laner went missing, check their blue buff. Stay in the outside bush and try to steal their buff with your 1st Skill.

Use Flicker + 2nd Skill to K.O. your opponent, even under tower. As you do not have to target anything, it will be too fast that your enemy will not be able to react.

Once you get Enchanted Talisman, you can farm waves easily with your skills. Remember to hit 1st Skill on all enemies along the path and 2nd skill near the Siege Minion to focus all the planets on him.

If you are being chased, use the bush in your favor. Hiding in the bush and casting 2nd skill will make they suffer damage even before walking into the bush, which will decrease your other abilities’ cooldowns in the process.

Always stays in the backline spamming your 2nd skill on whoever gets close, using your 1st skill to poke and your 3rd skill to set up plays. If you are confident, you can quickly use 2nd skill, walk to the frontline and move back again, so it will hit more enemies and reduce your other skills’ cooldown.

A Blue buff is only needed early game. Late game if you have a Fanny, Estes or another mana-hungry hero let them take it! You can steal your opponent buff as well.

With Cyclops’ kit, laning phase will never be difficult to outplay. You have mobility from your 2nd skill and a passive that will let you spam your skills. What you need is enough mana to execute this. So that is why I bought Frost as my first item to improve not only my magic damage but also mana regeneration. It is also good to ask your Jungler or your teammate to let you get the blue (spider) buffs so you can have decent mana regen which can let you spam your abilities. Just punish your opposing laner hardly using your first skill. If you can play aggressively, you can use your 2nd skill to get close to your target and have a good advanced position. When you see that with your target’s HP can be burst and kill with your ultimate, don’t hesitate to go for all in. Keep in mind that your passive can reduce your cooldown. All you have to do is to ensure that you are going to hit your enemy.

Mage burst together with Assassin have the crucial part in teamfight. I admit that it is not easy for you to execute your objective in teamfight unless you have a good setter/initiator. Your role is burst down the enemy that gives threat to your entire team. Usually a good pick is the opposing marksman as they are the most threat in late game. You can also kill other mage burst and expect that you have better mechanics over them due to your cooldown reduction. The major weaknesses of most mage are cooldown. This limits their damage output in game. But that is not the case for Cyclops so as you see mage enemies crossing your rage, don’t hesitate to burst it down.

There is also a circumstance when you can burst down a tank. This is when you see that his opponent is far away from him. But as possible save your skills to your target that is possible to insta-kill.

+Good Burst Damage
+Good mobility
+Good cooldown reduction

-Low CC compare with other mage
-Skills require precision
-Mana Reliant
-Lack of teamfight presence

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