Cygames announces the production of original mecha anime series Bang Brave Bang Bravern

One of the original television anime series, Bang Brave Bang Bravern, which is directed by Masami Obari, is announced to be in production by Cygames. Masami Obari is widely known as an episode director and general director for other mecha anime series such as Super Heavy God Gravion, Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue, Bubblegum Crisis, and Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector.

bang bang bravern.jpg

To tease the mecha anime fans, the announcement was released alongside the upcoming anime’s first teaser visual and promotional video. The teaser visual features two mechas with their weapons at ready, standing in a back to back position while the trailer showcases the intense atmosphere on the mecha battlefield as it is filled with sounds of gunfire and bombardment.

The animation is being handled by CygamesPictures. As of the moment, that’s the only details we know since the story and the release schedule of the upcoming anime is yet to be revealed. To keep posted about Bang Brave Bang Bravern, you can stay tuned or you can visit its official website and Twitter account as more information will be shared there at a later date.