Daks, MikaFabs, and BlackenBlue wont be part of APAC S LCQ due to Visa issues

Travel occasionally causes a bit of trouble in the Esports community, especially with the known situation. Passport and visa issues causes some unnecessary stress.


Daks announced that he and two other notable VALORANT players, Nico "BlackenBlue" Gayoso and Mika "MikaFabs" Fabella, will not be attending the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers in Dublin, Ireland.

MikaFabs is in a similar situation. She revealed that even if the process was sped up, there would still be insufficient time. "This really stung and was sort of a rude awakening post-Icons. Although everyone said I did well and there seemed to be more global opportunities to come, at the end of the day I’m still limited by our weak passport," she said.

She considers herself fortunate that this was her first encounter with these issues, but "PH esports athletes have been having their dreams shattered for years all because of visa issues. Visa issues that other SEA countries don’t encounter."

"It's an ongoing sad joke in the community that the real battle for PH esports is the visa battle," she says.

Stay tuned for further updates!