Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini is now available for public sale

Starting on September 27, Konami and Zuiki’s Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini will be available for public sale for a price of 49,500 yen (PHP18,220.53). Currently, pre-orders for the mini emulator console are now available on Zuiki Store.

ddr mini.png

The Classic Mini console features numerous songs from the first Dance Dance Revolution as well as from the 2nd Mix and 3rd Mix sequels. There’s also a pair of miniature controllers that come along with it, which can be operated with hands.

ddr mini.2.png

Regular DDR controllers can be connected as well via USB to play the game with their feet as usual.

ddr mini.4.png

There are more connectivity features as well as users can connect the device to a larger PC monitor or television via HDMI. The mini controllers will also be compatible with Konami’s PC game, Dance Dance Revolution Grand Prix.

ddr mini.3.png

The mini console can be customized as well as it will include a set of swappable stickers.

ddr mini.1.png

The Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini was first revealed in October 2023. The console’s reveal was part of the celebration of Dance Dance Revolution series’ 25th anniversary.