Danganronpa 1,2, V3 "Anniversary Edition" announced for smartphones!

Imagine yourself abducted, placed in an area with fellow people which have unique talents and skills that they are known for in real life. Everyone is confused until you are told that you are stuck there until you kill someone and get away with it to escape that area. All seems well until someone did it and distrust and confusion sets in you. Well, that's how Danganronpa works and it has established a fan base for having an intense atmosphere with a little bit of everything mixed in it. While the original players of the game can only play in certain consoles and PC, it seems like they are planning to expand the franchise's reach with their release in smartphones soon!

For the uninitiated just like what's said on the intro. Danganronpa is a murder mystery game, it is like Ace Attorney if you are familiar but instead being a defense attorney solving a case of murder to defend the suspected person, in this case you are one of the characters in a killing game where the goal is to reveal the culprit that killed a person in order to escape wherever they are held in. However, do not think that killing someone would be easy for them here. The ones that you will be dealing with are called "Ultimates" these people are skilled in their expertise and are more or less to utilize those abilities to their use. However, being an Ultimate can also lead to their downfall once you discover enough evidence that will lead up to them being the killer of the case. Don't be attached! Your favorite character might be a killer or be killed in the process.

Overseeing their movements is a stuffed bear, Monokuma. If you think he's cute, great, but he's far from harmless. In the track record of the series, he is well-known to be crafty in dealing with the students and if you really piss him off, he is can kill you since it's "against the rules". Anyways, the game has a strong story and an interesting concept that led to its popularity. The sheer genius of every case as you unravel the truth behind the murders will leave you in shock as to how it was conducted in action. Although there are some cases that have plot holes and problems with logic, it's a game where people have specialized skills to the extreme, so think about that when you asked for rationality next time. Hahaha!

With Danganronpa's 10th Anniversary, coming to mobile is one of the things that Spike Chunsoft, its developers have come up and delivered. While fans of the game are expecting a new game coming soon, it was said that Danganronpa announcements are going to be told within the whole year, so there's hope for a new addition to the franchise.

Soooooo, free-to-play or paid? My hunch is that it would be a paid game, albeit there is still no price point that is announced, Danganronpa games are paid in their respective consoles and I'd say it's a bang for the buck as it has great story, great characters and cases that will leave you wanting for more. Another thing to note is that, we still don't have concrete news if it is going to be universal on both Android or iOS, or either Android or iOS release. Both app stores have different rules need to comply so that might be a news we would be waiting to see, but most likely it would be both if they really want to expand their franchise. But other than that, that's all they have to announce. So, for those who are interested in the series, here's a video regarding the games, SPOILER FREE but Humor-intensified. Watch at your own risk!

This game has spawned a lot of fans because of how great it is. Some people have missed it out because either they do not have the respective console or PC to play it or just did not know the game. As one who played both the first and the second entry to the game (will play the third version soon once Steam sales are up), I highly recommend that you try it since it will become accessible to everyone with the release of it in smartphones. Are you interested in picking up the game once it's released on our phones? Or will you try the ones in PC or Console to have an original feel for it? Tell us in the comments below!