Dark Domain Beginner Guide How to Earn Gold


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Nov 4, 2018
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Gold is a necessity no matter where you are. In Dark Domain, raising your CP, purchasing items and etc. will require alot of gold. Here we introduce you a few ways for you to earn gold quickly in the game.

1. Gold Dungeon
There are 2 chances per day to enter the Gold Dungeon, opening chest within the dungeon will grant you tons of gold. There are also chances that “Treasure Thieves” will spawn within the dungeon, do not let them escape as defeating them will grant tons of golds as well!

2. Escort Caravan
There are 3 chances per day to Escort Caravan. Completing the escort will grant you massive EXP and gold. You can also increase the “goods” on the caravan to increase the rewards, up to twice as much of the original amount! Other than that, completing escort quest between 1830-2100 everyday will grant double reward!

PS: Team up for the escort to be more efficient, as well as less risk of being robbed!

3. Guild Weekly Quest
Guild Weekly Quest consists of 70 parts per week. There are no limitation on how much you can complete per day. Completing each part will grant massive gold as well as guild contribution. As the parts are fixed, it is up to you to decide how to clear all the missions. But never miss out any of them!

4. Wishing Everyday
In Wishing Everyday, there are free chances to purchase gold! Do not let this precious opportunity gone to waste. Also, bound diamond can be used to exchange for massive gold.


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