Dark Domain Beginner Guide How to Level Fast


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Aug 7, 2018
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Still bothered by the old-fashioned leveling methods in games? Worry no more, herewith a quick guide through for you to learn and level up to Lv. 160 easily!

1. Main Quest line/ Storyline Mission
The basics in MMORPG! This enables you to know more about game storyline and the connections between each in-game characters, which grants you tons of EXP at the same time! Great for story lovers like me!

2. Daily Quests
Triggers after character reaches Lvl. 65, there are total 20 easy daily missions comes along with great amount of EXP as reward which allows you to boost your levels quickly!

3. EXP Dungeon
Unlock when character reaches Lvl. 80, never miss this if you want to rush your levels, available 2 times daily for you to get massive amounts of EXP! Boost your rewards by using EXP potion!

4. Offline Botting
Hectic life that stops you from hitting creeps online? Leave yourself worry-free when you have this prop! Allows Offline Botting up to 20 hours!

5. Side Quests
EXP reward is not that much for this section, but the main purpose here is to raise your CP! Complete Side Quests training as soon as possible so you can complete other challenges easily!

6. Limited Time Event
If you want to raise your CP and levels so badly, game activities are a must! World Boss, Guild War & all kinds of Battlefields are waiting for you to rule!

Lil’ Easter Egg: World Map Treasure Chest
Don’t miss out those little chests besides the road! Dig it out to obtain plenty of coins and useful items!

As long as the above 6 basics are fulfilled, guaranteed you can achieve Lvl. 160 in one day and its real easy!
Attention to all warriors: Hesitate no more and Join the battle now!

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