Dark Domain Class Introduction

Guild of Guardians


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Aug 7, 2018
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Feature: Melee, DPS, omnipotent class, tanky and able to deal high damage.
Description: Berserker, Raging Hand of Devil where slashing and punching can be fatal.
  • 【Ghost Windmill】Wield claymore to attack surrounding enemies
  • 【Earthquake Strike】Displace skill, jump forward to deal damage and stun enemies
  • 【Sword Aura】Release many sword auras and ignite ghost claw to deal damage
  • 【Death Grip】Reach ghost claw out to pull enemies forward and deal damage
  • 【Demon Burst】Crazily smashing the ground, deal damage and knock up surrounding enemies


Feature: Range, AOE, best for clearing mobs.
Description: Wings Awoken, draw the bow and the arrow determine the enemy's fate.
  • 【Hail of Arrow】Shoot arrow rain to attack enemies ahead 6 times and deal damage
  • 【Ecstasy Trap】Set up a trap, deal damage and stun enemies who step on it
  • 【Charging Arrow】Shoot out a fire arrow dealing damage and burn the earth
  • 【Jump Back】Displace skill, throw bomb trap and deal damage to enemies, then jump backwards
  • 【Barrage Shoot】Shoot a barrage of arrows ahead to damage enemies


Feature: Melee, high mobility, best in PVP.
Description: Rakshasa Awoken, Shura holds double blade shuttle and reap lives.
  • 【Flywheel】Release spinning blades in fan-shaped area to attack enemies
  • 【Lash】Spin fast to attack and stun surrounding enemies
  • 【Meteor】Summon shadow to attack enemies multiple times
  • 【Void Step】Displace skill, dash forwards and deal damage
  • 【Shadow Pile】Attack surrounding enemies and float them


Feature: Burst damage, crowd control, best in team dungeon.
Description: Nether Awoken, whimsical magic that consists both ice and fire, with unstoppable.
  • 【Ice Storm】Summon Ice Storm to attack enemy ahead multiple times
  • 【Deformation】Distort and deal damage to enemies in fan-shaped area
  • 【Doom】Summon meteorite to deal damage to enemies ahead
  • 【Flicker】Displace skill, blink forwards and deal damage to surrounding enemies
  • 【Arcane Call】A graceful yet lethal dance, attacks surrounding enemies and knock them out

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