Dark Domain Class Switch Guide


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Aug 7, 2018
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Class Switch not only increases your CP, it also symbolizes your growth, as it grants you new skills to aid you in your adventure.

Switch I
Switch Quest unlocks at Lv.120, when player reaches the required level, a switch icon will pop out on the main UI, tap it to unlock the quest. Switch class I quest consists of 3 phase, Brave Heart, Expedition and Switch Trial. Completing one of them will show the content of the next phase, and clearing all phase will complete your class switch.

The first phase, Brave Heart, requires player to slay 50 field monsters and collect 5 Calvary Insignia, speak to the Moor Witch after finishing it to enter the second phase. Second phase and Third phase requires player to reach Lv.140 and Lv.160 respectively, also requires player to slay monsters and collect item. The key point is defeating Demonized Kay Boss is required in both second and third phase. Switch Class I will be completed when all the phases are completed.

Class switch success will grant an exclusive title and a huge CP boost, as well as the most important spirit system. Pisces spirit will be auto equipped once spirit system is unlocked.

Switch II
Completing Switch I does not unlock Switch II immediately, players are required to reach Lv.180 first. The procedure is the same, but with tougher tasks to complete, to test the skills of player.

Completing Phase II and reach Lv.250 will unlock Phase III, Switch Trial. This time you will need to defeat the Demon Lord. Speaking to the NPC after slaying the boss marks the completion of your Switch II. Switch II grants you 20% increase DMG for all of your skill and unlocks strong PVP skill. Enjoy!

Switch I and II are easier compared to Switch III, IV and Peak Awakening. Raising your CP by a huge margin requires more than just hardwork. There is more dangers hiding in this land, would you take on these challenges and prove to be the best?

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