Dark Domain Title System


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Aug 7, 2018
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Ask not a hero about his humble beginning, but what effort has been made. It will be easier to survive in this world with a well-known title. There are various titles in “Dark Domain”. It can be an expert in nurturing and cultivating Adv. Pet or Mount. Or focus on the combat power to be a master. Or earn money to be a millionaire. In this game, a variety of gameplay and unique titles can satisfy you. Strive for excellence, and complete the achievement to get known in “Dark Domain”!

1. Basic Introduction
There is no level limitation for the Title System. Players can obtain the corresponding title whenever a certain condition is met or a participating in some special events. Players can view the title in the Title Interface and choose which title to wear. The title is divided into two main types, that is: Permanent Title and Limited-Time Title. The permanent title will exist forever after obtained, while the limited-time title will be given to the players that satisfied the condition that is determined by the system periodically. Normally, the Limited-Time Titles are related with the Ranking.

2. Equip Rules
i. Only either one of the Blue or Purple title can be equipped;
ii. Maximum of 3 titles from Orange and Red can be equipped at the same time.
iii. A player can only equip 3 Title at the most.

3. Permanent Title
i. The Permanent Title exists forever once it is received, and players can wear and replace it anytime;
ii. Can be obtained from Server Ranking, Special Events, Points Accumulation, etc.

4. Limited-time Title
i. Limited-time title can be worn for a period of time after obtained. It will be removed automatically after an update cycle, where the system will select a new player to be given.

ii. It could be VIP Title, or obtained by achieving various PVP event ranking and ranking achievements.


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