Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest Opens Pre-Registration In Selected Regions

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is an upcoming 3D Action MMORPG developed for Android and iOS platforms. However, pre-registrations has been recently made available only for Android and some selected countries.


Developed by Hong Kong-based game development studio Nuverse, Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place in a dark fantasy world with stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and an action-packed plot. Players can expect to be treated to an unmatched MMORPG combat experience, according to the game's creators.

Pre-registration for the latest Nuverse game is now available for Android users in some selected countries which will include Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. On the other hand, there is also a pre-order available for both Android and iOS platforms via the game's official website. Since the event has only recently begun, the number of pre-registrations has not yet surpassed 100,000, indicating that it has a long way to go. However, the developers are hopeful that it will happen and have prepared a slew of incentives for the gamers, which are as follows:
  • 100,000 pre-registrations: 500 diamonds
  • 200,000 pre-registrations: Exclusive Chat Bubble and Avatar Frame
  • 500,000 pre-registrations: Set Sail Pack consisting of Gold x200,000, Spirit Stones x50, Companion Stones I x50, Raging Souls x50
  • 1,000,000 pre-registrations: Advancement Pack consisting of Augment Stones x20, Golden Keys x5
  • 1,500,000 pre-registrations: Limited Modern Costumes for 30 Days

About Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest

The all-powerful Crystal of Light has fallen into Dark Nemesis' multidimensional realm, where it will remain until it is destroyed. The long-hidden Dark Forces erupt suddenly, fighting one another for control of the Crystal, which causes the entire planet to come crashing down around them. As a member of the Peacekeepers, you are sent on an unknown mission, following the trail of the crystal that has been left behind. You'll encounter people with a variety of personalities along the road, and you'll fight together to prevent the annihilation of the dark forces and finish your mission!


Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest will have magnificent 3D graphics that will make your ARPG experience significantly better than it would be otherwise. The game also features smooth control and slashing animations to ensure that you have a good time throughout the fight, in addition to basic combos that will assist you in taking control of the battlefield. In Dark Nemesis, there are four different classes to choose from: Warrior, Berserker, Mage, and Archer. It is vertically organized, similar to Black Desert Mobile, and has a simple interface. To enhance your mount, you'll need to collect a range of different goods and sorts of equipment. You have the ability to customize your character to your liking in the video game. Spirits of many different kinds, each with their own set of abilities, will be at your side through thick and thin with you.


The game also features a massive PvP component that encourages you to mingle and play with your friends. This is accomplished through the fundamental gameplay element known as "Treasure Dungeon," which forces you to interact with other players to the greatest extent possible. You can also compete against up to 100 other players, all of whom are members of different guilds. If you like, you may choose between different branches of the story, but keep in mind that your choices will result in a variety of alternative results.

Creators' Giveaway and Lucky Wheel Event

In addition, the founders are now giving away gift cards worth $ 50 and $ 20 to their followers. Please upload a screenshot of your pre-purchase in the comments area of this Facebook post in order to qualify. In addition, you can add a snapshot to your Facebook wall and tag a friend. It will be the 17th of September before the draw comes to a finish. There will also be a lucky wheel event with amazing prizes to be awarded. The official website of the game provides players with the most up-to-date information on the rules of the Lucky wheel event.


It is anticipated that Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest will provide players with an exhilarating experience thanks to its amazing MMORPG combat gameplay and engaging game story. Battles will take place in an exquisite multidimensional world that will feature first-rate 3D Models, special effects, and many more surprises, and gamers will be treated to an impressive visual spectacle. Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest will be released on February 14, 2019. The addition of important features such as character upgrades, a diverse selection of weapons and equipment to choose from, and the ability to communicate with other players all contribute to a comprehensive gaming experience.