DarkBind's Closed Beta Test Has Finally Been Launched

DarkBind's closed beta tests have been officially announced and launched by NetEase Games (CBTs). These CBTs will be available only to Android users and will be available in limited regions. The CBTs will allow some users to get hands-on experience with the game much before the final game's scheduled release date. The first phase of CBTs began on April 7, 2022.


While the first beta test has already begun, players in the designated regions can get a first look at the game. Japan, Canada, and North America have been chosen as regions. Users in this area can access it through Google Play. NetEase has not yet provided any information about the CBT for iOS users.

In the CBTs, the selected players will take on the role of The Returned Game. Just like in other CBT's, these players' feedback will be closely monitored and analyzed in order to further optimize the game.


Players will be able to take part in a deep and exciting combat system with fully customizable skill sets that they can tamper with to suit their playstyles best in DarkBind. Each level has its own unique setting, high-quality graphics, difficult bosses, and competitive PvP modes.


The spectacular visuals add to the excitement of each battle on the battlefield. There are several maps, each with its own level settings and themes, allowing players to explore different environments and fight different foes as the story progresses.

Stay tuned for the latest information!