Data mining for Counter-Strike 2 may disclose new weaponry, mobile ports, and more

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Valve eventually debuted Counter-Strike 2, a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive powered by the Source 2 engine, earlier this week after months of rumors and conjecture. Counter-Strike 2, which is currently undergoing restricted testing, primarily focuses on modernizing the current CS:GO experience with better graphics, "sub-tick" responsiveness, and other features. Dataminers, however, are already sifting through the code of CS2, and it appears like Valve has more in store for the future.


The majority of this knowledge was discovered by renowned data miners gift pendant, who discovered hints about numerous new weaponry in Counter-Strike 2's code. They include a bear trap, a fire grenade with a tripwire, and an object simply referred to as a "pipe."

This could be a brand-new pipe melee weapon, which is exactly what it sounds like, or it could be a pipe bomb. As Valve is notorious for being extremely cautious when adding weapons and potentially upsetting the balance of their core modes, it's likely that the majority of these weapons are intended for Danger Zone's battle royale/sandbox mode.


Along with the new weaponry, a reference to "mobile" was discovered in the game's files, which suggests that Counter-Strike 2 may be ported to mobile devices. Of course, there's still the possibility that the "mobile" allusion is just some stray code from a different game, but that's improbable. Our data-mining program discovered comparable references in mobile games like Artifact and Dota Underlords.

Source 2 is actually more compatible with mobile platforms than its predecessor, so there’s nothing technical stopping Valve from doing that.

Naturally, as is often the case with data mining, avoid becoming overly dependent on information that has leaked because plans can change and there is no assurance that any of it will actually be made public. After the release of Counter-Strike 2, it appears that Valve will expedite the distribution of additional content.

As was previously established, Valve selects which players are authorized to take part in the limited testing of Counter-Strike 2. But, since the CS2 game files have previously been leaked, you can play the game without a computer (to play online with others, you still need to be invited to the beta).

This summer, Counter-Strike 2 will be released for PC.