Datablitz and Gameone PH PS4 Sales! Pandemic Time Wasters! PS4 

For the longest time, people have always been arguing about which is better, PC vs Console, there is even a console infighting to see which is the best one, but can we all agree that they all have good things? Right? So anyway, here's something that will keep you occupied while Coronavirus forced us to hunker down to our homes, if you have the money of course.

Gameone PH and Datablitz, two of the Philippines' well-known retailers of gaming consoles, titles and accessories in the Philippines is currently hosting a sale in their website and that includes PS4 systems that you might find interesting because for an affordable amount, you can get it with a lot more bang for the buck, let's take a look at what they have to offer in their store. First images are Datablitz and the second one is Gameone PH.

First, let's talk about the PS4 Slim 500GB Party Bundle. For a price of P14,990 (basically 15k), you already have a strong pick here. You get to have the basics of a PS4, wires and cables and the console, but you also have 2 DualShock4 Controllers together with an NBA 2K20 which is a solid for a free game, then there's also a code for ReadySet Heroes which is definitely a great one for a free game. Overall, this is a strong and cheap one that will definitely serve you well in waiting for this to all die down and start our lives again.

But if you want a heavyweight, you can try the PS4 PRO 1TB God of War | Last of Us Remastered Mega Pack Bundle for P18,990 (19k, if you want to have the estimated price, really). This one gives you a solid 1TB of Storage for all your need, a big upgrade from the PS4 Slim earlier, then you also get the same benefits but different kinds of games like God of War and the Last of Us Remastered Edition. Both are award-winning and critically-acclaimed games that are truly a great pack to be in.

In these bundles, you can get these packs cheaper than usual, you will save 5,000 pesos from it basically allowing you to buy more games or more accessories or equipment for your gaming experience. You can not go wrong with these.

Rather than allow panic in your minds, chill out and play some games, what we need right now is a level-headed mindset and not let fear take over you. Let's play some games!
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