Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Closed Beta Test starts at July 17 with limited testers; Open Beta soon!

When it comes to gacha games, you can never go wrong with anime type of gacha. The sheer popularity of the series can make or break a game and if gacha is your genre, then you'll win a lot of money in terms of paying customers, especially the die-hard fans of the anime. Well, as long as you have perfect management and great communication, haha. But that's that, we just talked about that because we'll be talking about an upcoming gacha game that will release soon, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

Date A Live.jpg

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is a action/dating sim game with the battles happening in a side scroller action. Play the game as you date the popular characters from this franchise such as Tohka, Yoshino, and especially Kurumi! You can also gain costumes that you can choose to see which appeals to you the most and battle against enemies with different skills, interactions, animations and more. The trailer shows a big promise to those who are fans of the game and even those who are not might enjoy it!

With a mix of action and dating sim game, this should be interesting, which is why the gacha communities such as in Reddit and Discord are already looking into the game to see if it's their interest. While others just want to try it and if they like they will stay to play the game. Either way, there's an already ample amount of hype for the company to push through the release. However, to avoid server overloading and the bugfix first, a closed beta test will be released first.

Date A Live b.png

The Closed Beta Test will start at July 15th and it will only be limited to 1000 participants. Like I said earlier, this is a great way to see what in the game needs fixing and at the same time to avoid stress in the server as it will serve as a soft launch for the application. Only then until further bugs that are hidden are fixed and the servers can accommodate more players will they approve of an Open Beta Test.

Date A Live c.jpg

They did not made an official date for the open beta test but as long as the servers are okay, they'll launch it. I for one, is excited to test it out, while I do have a lot of games in my phone right now (Lord knows I need to stop adding more), I can always just be a casual in this one and just enjoy it for the characters. How about you? Tell us in the comments section below!