Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Open Beta Test starts in 27th of July in the Philippines

It was hyped last week, the rush of getting to be one of the Closed Beta Testers was real and I tried to get it, sadly, your writer boi didn't get in but we do have some news for those who wanted to play the game, as the previous article I made, the developers said that the Open Beta Test is just around the corner, well they are not lying for sure and we'll tackle that news today!

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Earlier this morning, official Twitter page of the DAL: Spirit Pledge has relayed the message that the game will be up in June 26, 19:00 (7PM) in UTC-7. Converting that to our time zone, this will be up in 9:00 AM in the 27th of July. Well, I guess after 10 days of preparing the servers and collecting the necessary data needed to make sure that the launch is smooth, the game is ready to go.

What should we expect in the game? People said that there is no PVP game to worry about so this seems like a way to go, with a lot of waifu choices available in the series, waifu enthusiasts are definitely gonna enjoy the game. A lot of people have also been touting it's F2P aspect and how it is easy to upgrade the unit that you want since most of the characters have shards that can be grinded in some parts of the game meaning you don't have to roll that much to max a character that you want to max. These are all good signs to know before we head off to play the game.

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Few people commended it since they have played in the CN server as the game is well-polished and the monetization is not greedy and you can play without spending a dime. Sure, there would be some limited characters but it's not much and there are hopes of them returning soon, hopefully that will happen, the salt in gacha comes from not getting a limited character, after all. For a rundown of the game, we found a video in YouTube from user USERZ123 which is very helpful, check it out!

A few days left until you can play the game, personally it's another game to my long list of gacha games that I should regulate myself with but what the heck, I can manage. Oh before we end this article, you don't have to worry about your progress in the OBT! Once you play the OBT, progress stays saved as this is gonna be an official release of the game too so if you want a head start, play when it gets released. Just like I would do but how about you? Tell us in the comments below!