Dauntless is Back With A New Ramsgate and Reworked Sword in Patch 1.3.3

Unknown to some players here, Dauntless is a monster-slaying action RPG. I personally chose to play this since my PC isn't good enough to play Monster Hunter. To describe it, it's a Monster Hunter game with Fortnite graphics.

It's similar to Monster Hunter's principle of battling large monsters, looting materials from them and turning them into powerful set of armor and weapons that you can customize. Its requirements are low enough to run on a decent PC and it's always FREE on Epic Game Store.

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We haven't seen much thread or discussion about this game. So, before we get into the latest patch, I'll briefly introduce the mechanics of the game. As I have said earlier, its core principle is battling and looting monsters called Behemoths. You can play it solo or with a party of 4.

At first, it is highly recommended to group up with 3 of your friends or matchmake with 3 strangers to make sure that someone will revive you whenever you get down. Slaying Behemoths can be really fun when you play it as a team.

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The loots from Behemoth parts you've destroyed can be forged into armor or weapons. Right now, there are 7 kinds of weapon you can choose from. The unique part of the game are the Cells. They're amplifiers or additional stats for your weapon and armor. Your damage, performance, flexibility, and toughness will mostly revolve around the Cells rather than the given stats from your weapon and armor. The rest is for you to discover. I'll let your curiosity find its way into the game.


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Now, for today's Patch 1.3.3, Ramsgate has been reborn into a much larger place. It can be hard to navigate if it's your first time entering it. The NPCs are still the same except for the Tonic Vendor. Markus Boehr was the previous Tonic Vendor of Ramsgate. But, today, Granny Strega replaced his post as the official Tonic Vendor. You can easily spot her at the right corner as you first enter Ramsgate.

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Ramsgate's new setup and location is based from its progressing lore. The previous update of 1.3.0 revolved around the looming threat of the Void. The Umbral Escalation was introduced alongside its keystone behemoth, Thrax. According to the lore, Ramsgate was destroyed. But Arkan Drew managed to activate the Portal Driver thanks to every Slayers' effort.

After updating the game, you'll be able to watch a short story at the beginning of the game. It shows Arkan Drew and the rest of the crew fled to the portal and looked back to watch the previous Ramsgate get destroyed. Thankful for their survival, they looked forward into the future of a new Ramsgate. Rebuilt with aether jets, you can now easily navigate the place back and forth.


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This is one the highlights of the update. Sword is one of the classic weapon in Dauntless. Known for its great booping capability and devastating move, Repeating Elements, sword became a top choice for beginners.

But, maybe, we can all agree on how unrealistic Repeating Elements' attack movements are. It looks dumb, but its damage is part-breaking capability is huge.

Dauntless f.jpg

Unlike the other weapons, sword's attack pattern and combos doesn't feel like you're holding a sword. But, today's update made it closer to perfection. Phoenix Labs reworked the whole system of the the sword including its hilts and mods.

In exchange for its light attack's booping capability, the sword received a more fluid and realistic combo movements. They also added the Valour mechanics which is similar to Chainblades's stacks.

Dauntless g.png

This Valour mechanism lets you deal great amount of damage even if you're not in Overdrive mode. You can gain Valour by using your core combos. Frenzied Blade, which is three consecutive light attacks will give you 1 Valour. Sundering Blade, which is three consecutive heavy attacks will give you 2 Valour. You can only hold a maximum 6 Valor at a time.

You can hold a maximum 6 Valor at a time. Gaining stacks of Valour gives you access to 4 Valour combos - Crescent Strike, Resounding Echo, Blade Rush, Blade Surge. Here's the guide provided by the developers on how to use them:

Dauntless h.gif

Crescent Strike (Light-Light-Heavy):
A powerful strike with high, reliable damage. Cost: 3 Valour.

Resounding Echo (Heavy-Light-Heavy):
Plunge your sword into the ground, leaving behind an
AoE pool that ticks damage over time. Cost: 3 Valour.

Dauntless j.gif

Bladerush (Hold Light):

A medium-range dash and slash attack. Cost: 3 Valour.

Bladesurge (Hold Heavy):

Launch a ranged projectile from your sword
that can interrupt Behemoths. Cost: 3 Valour.
To see reworked special moves and sword mods, you can check them out on their official site. And for those who are wondering, booping is the other term of interrupt. There are certain behemoth attacks that you can interrupt and they'll drop on the ground. It's the best chance to pour out all your damage and combos apart from breaking their limbs.

The sword can now safely boop using heavy attack and Bladesurge. The mechanics are complicated than the previous version. But, the flexibility of the attacks and combos for different situations suits the sword better.

If you're interested in playing the game, you can check it out in Epic Game Store and download it for free. It's also available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. The credit for the images above goes to Phoenix Labs. If you want guides for this game, we can make build and strategy guides for you. The hunt calls for those who seek the thrill of becoming a Slayer. Will you heed the call?
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