Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 Revealed The New Terrifying Boss Of Terra Escalation

We're back with a new Dauntless update! It's been almost two months since I reintroduced the game here and I think it's good to promote it once again especially after encountering the strangest looking escalation boss I've ever fought in my entire time playing Dauntless. So, let's dig into it!

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 a.jpg

Before we introduce the brand new Terra Escalation and its terrifying boss, let's talk about the additional contents of Patch 1.4.0 named Untamed Wilds. Months before it was even released, rumors of new cells and legendary equipment were already spreading in Reddit threads. Everybody's expecting this massive Terra update after the release of the mini Farslayer Hunt Pass.

Well, here it is. So, before anything else, I'll introduce the current Hunt Pass: Strange Horizons. I'm sure you'll love the contents of this new Hunt Pass whether you're going free or elite track.

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In this game, after maxing out all the cells and equipment, you'll either focus on your fashion statement or experimenting builds. If you're going for that fashion slayer road, then this Hunt Pass might be worth your time and bucks. It was long since we've first had a Hunt Pass that offers 3 sets of transmogs.

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 c.jpg
Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 d.jpg
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So, here they are! If you have enough platinum to buy the Elite Pass, I highly suggest that you get it. The one at the top right (the one that looks like a ninja) is the only free transmog for the FREE TRACK and called the Sentinel Armor Set. And the other two, well, they belong to the elite track.

At level 1 Elite track, you'll get the Thornguard armor set and at level 50 Elite Track, you'll get the badass Alchemancer's Armor Set. If you're fond of eye-patches like me, then it's a must-have. At level 39, you'll also get the Alchemancer's Diadem. And, oh, let's not forget the cute VFX update for the new lantern transmogs.

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 f.jpg

The new lantern transmogs such as the Breath Of Life skin, which you can ONLY get by purchasing the Elite Pass before September 24, will give you a magical aether jet experience. You still have time, so if you're into fairy-like sprites of jumping, then go and grab it! Well, of course, along with these armor sets and magical lanterns, you'll get the usual weapon transmogs, emotes, and... a HIGHER platinum rebates this time!

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 g.png

After the release of the Tenacious Cell, I guess this new Parasitic Cell aims to create a face-tanker build for the game. Imagine having a +6 Iceborne, Tenacious, Tough, and Parasitic Cell. I haven't tried it yet since I'm still farming for the cells, but from what I can see, I'll be loving this one.

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 h.jpg

I guess we're finally at the major part of the update - the Terra Escalation. I've been seeing a lot of concepts in Reddit before it was even revealed in Dauntless Experiment (It's like a PBE server for Dauntless). At first, I thought the reason why they released the mini Farslayer Hunt Pass before this major update is to prepare us for another boring set of transmogs. But, today, I'm with the final result, EXCEPT for one.

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 i.jpg

Now, look at this thing. Whenever you hear the name Embermane in Dauntless, you can easily say that it will be a boop party. And I know, we Dauntless players love the challenge of booping, dodging, breaking, and playing with behemoths. But, this thing will join Rezakiri, Flameborn Rezakiri, and Flambeborn Gnasher in the list of the MOST ANNOYING BEHEMOTHS OF ALL TIME.

The Sporestruck Embermane is like a wild Pokemon with extremely glitchy, clunky, and annoying animation and design. Especially if you're fighting it in a night setting wherein its colors make it look like you're actually battling a combination of Umbral and Sporestruck variant - You can't properly see it at night!

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 j.jpg

Who's that weird looking tree? It's the boss of Terra Escalation, Agarus! Just like the other three bosses from previous Escalations, Agarus can be also annoying with its poison infliction. Yep, we now have a new status to watch out for aside from burning! The new Parasitic Cell mentioned above proves to be useful on this one.

Due to poison's powerful damage over time poison, Parasitic Cell will act as a temporary remedy to slow the poison's damage down. But, going back to Agarus' monstrosity, this mushroom-tree behemoth is no joke at all. It may be slow at times, but it hits hard! It got homing spores, huge branches, and a magical ability to create explosions on the ground on a massive scale. You'll know it if you see it.

Dauntless Patch 1.4.0 k.png

Now, what's the prize of farming Agarus? Well, you'll be able to craft the NEW LEGENDARY EQUIPMENTS using Agarus' drops! And, if you managed to reach the final level for amp upgrades, you'll get this bad boy! Yes, the one above. It's an Armor Transmog Set that is an upgraded version of the original craftable Agarus' armor set.

The rest of the contents such as Granny's new limited-time potions are for you to find out. If you haven't tried to game yet, I hope this piqued your curiosity. Before we end, all the images above belong to Phoenix Labs.

But, with that being said, it's free in Epic Game Store in PC and you can go directly to https://playdauntless.com/ to register. It's also available in Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One with cross-platform play compatibility. I hope to see out there, Slayer!

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