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May 11, 2015
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Andaming nagtatanong ng same questions tsaka andami ring tips/tricks na hindi sinasabi sa tutorial in-game. Para sa mga naka data dyan i-post ko yung mga basic tips for new players. Inedit ko onti para masmadali magets, naglagay na rin ako sarili kong input (link to the Reddit thread at the bottom):

"Dauntless" a free-to-play MMORPG in the same genre as Monster Hunter. Hindi siya Steam game. Download and register here: https://playdauntless.com

Requirements and check if your PC can run it: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/dauntless/15112

1.) The game revolves around crafting gear, so don't just focus on doing damage. You must break the body parts of the Behemoths for materials! Always make sure the damage numbers are yellow, because that means you're doing damage to a breakable part. These are usually the tail, each limb, and the head. Once a part breaks, a green orb pops out, so move on to the next part. Some weapons (hammer, sword, etc) are better at breaking parts.

2.) The brown triangle on the top-right of the screen is the Danger Meter. It fills up as you battle, when you take hits, or if party members go down. If it fills up to 100%, then downed members can't be revived anymore and your defenses go down too. It resets when the Behemoth runs away. Try not to let this fill up.

3.) Throwing flares in the sky (a type of Emote) is a great way to signal to your team. Use it to guide your party to the Behemoth. You can hear them but might have a hard time looking for the flares in the sky (especially if your view is blocked by cliffs). So just look for a white flag icon that appears on the compass at the top part of your screen. This makes it way easier to find out where the flare was fired.

4.) You can actually grab resources while running. Let go of the 'sprint' button and just hold the action button to grab them on the go. Makes it much easier to get potion materials without getting left behind by your team.

5.) Use your lantern ability! It is shown as the icon on the top-leftmost part of your screen (press 'V' if you're on PC). The default lantern will guide you to the general direction of where the behemoth is in, but there are other lanterns that provide decent buffs like a shield, speed boost, or a constant swirling tornado of rocks around your character that damages the enemy over time.

6.) Don't be afraid to use the cells you get from Cores after completing certain tasks. Infuse them into your equipment as soon as you get them. You can remove them later for notes (main currency) if you want to. Make sure to use the same type of cells as the passive buffs of your gears to climb the bonus levels. The more of the same buffs you use, the stronger and more beneficial it gets. You might notice that you sometimes can't infuse cells into some equipment, that's because cells are categorized into which armor/weapon they can be used into.

7.) The 5 potions refill at the start of every hunt. It's up to your strategy when to use it or the blue healing rifts near each Behemoth. But if ever you do go down during a hunt (zero HP), you can be revived by a party member (like in Fortnite) or you can just revive yourself. Your health potion changes into a blue syringe. But you can only do it once per hunt, so try not to use this until you absolutely need to. Save it for when everyone's gone down and no one can revive you. Also, you actually don't die when you fall off the island, you'll just teleport back.

8.) When using the Hammer, don't just spam left-click or shoot your gun. Make sure to do "Prime attacks!" While your character is doing a light attack (left-click), quickly press the heavy attack button (right-click) during the swing animation, so that your hammer splashes with blue light and you will do amazing damage. Also, practice doing a "Hammer Boop" (while sprinting forward, shoot yourself up, light attack while in the air, immediately click heavy attack) so that you'll do a destructive "Primed attack" to smash down the beast. One of the biggest damage dealer in the game. Especially effective if used on the head for stun and parts breakage!

9.) Do you know you can return most projectiles thrown by a Behemoth just by hitting them mid-air? Even the ones thrown by Kharabak! Of course, some exceptions are: Shrikes tornado, Quillshot's spikes, Embermane/Charogg's Fireball, Drask's lightning, Shrowd's shadow ball, Rezhakiri's lightshow, etc.

10.) A great (but very challenging) way to train yourself is to do Solo Hunting trips. You can do this early in the game while the Behemoths are still easy, so that you can get yourself familiarized with game mechanics, various weapons, their skills and timing/combinations, island layout (where the plants/materials are), and possible Behemoth locations.

11.) Not all damage numbers are equal: Green is just regular damage. Yellow is damage being done to a breakable part. Purple is stagger damage (usually with hammers or axes on the head), do enough purple damage and the behemoth will be momentarily stunned. Red is wound damage (using a Warpike). Inflict enough to a body part and everyone will get a damage boost to that part! Use this as an advantage.

12.) On your third zone of islands, the Yonder Keys, you'll encounter the elemental aspect of the game for the first time. Behemoths from now on would have weaknesses and strengths, as well as your armors and weapons. Be sure to equip the right gear to each hunt! Hunting a flame-breathing Behemoth? Wear fire-resistant armor AND use frost weapons. Remember, a frozen Behemoth becomes brittle and it will become easier to break off their parts!

Here's a chart of Behemoth weakness and strengths: https://goo.gl/HMqoL1

13.) If ever you do catch yourself on fire from monster attacks, roll away 3 or 4 times and the Burning will go away instantly. A Frozen party member Frozen can be freed by smashing the ice. If you're Shocked, then you can't use items. So remember to wear appropriate gear to avoid massive HP loss.

There are other wonderful tips written by other experienced players. You can find them here in this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/dauntless/...eginner_tips_you_may_or_may_not_know_already/

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