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Aug 7, 2018
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Welcome to "Dawn of Isles"! Dawn of Isles uses a stylized cartoon rendering, and the character setting highlights the funny and funny. Based on the traditional role-playing, the game also incorporates gameplay such as production, island construction, pet domestication, and elemental linkage.

Dear, you can cut trees, mine, fish, grow vegetables, build your own small island, make rich props and food, and capture unique pets in the wild to take risks with them. In addition, the game also added element linkage, which increased the playability and tactical of the battle.

Simply put, it is to control the relationship between water, fire, poison, wind and other elements to change the battle situation!

What is the test schedule?

On March 21, 2019 (Thursday) 10:00 officially opened service ~ March 28, 2019 (Thursday) 23:59 officially closed

Where is the test area?
This test is only open to Taiwan. But don't worry about the sea people in other areas, I believe we can meet soon!

Test delete files?
That's right! This test is Android's paid deletion test.
Due to iOS recharge restrictions, it is temporarily impossible to participate in the game.

How is the test qualification obtained?
During the test period, search for the "Island Era" through the Google Play app store, or go to the pre-login page to get the download link.
Login URL: dawnofisles.tw/event/preregister

What is the style of the model adaptation?
On the mobile phone model, we made a certain adaptation.
If the phone memory is above 2G, you can try the game.
If the phone is not accessible or does not perform well, it is recommended to use the Android emulator game on your computer.

In this test, how to bind accounts?
In order to improve account security, avoid losing game data, and successfully receive permanent rewards during public beta, it is strongly recommended that players bind accounts.

Proceed as follows:
Step 1: Click the button at the bottom right of the login screen to enter the User Center.

Login interface

Step 2: Select the binding account and enter the binding interface.

User center

Step 3: Choose one of the ways to bind, Google Play, Facebook, Twitter account can be.

Bind account

How is the stored value returned to Lingshi?
The Lingshi obtained by the stored value will be returned at the time of the public test. The rules are as follows:
  • The value of the stored value Lingshi is below 30,000 Lingshi, and it is returned to Lingshi 1.5 times during the public test.
  • The value of the stored value Lingshi is above 30,000 Lingshi. When the public test is taken, the original rate is returned to Lingshi.

Note: Please pay attention to the distinction between "reserved value stone" and "giving stone". The spiritual stones donated during the stored value are not counted in the statistics.

If this test has a stored value of 6480 Lingshi, during the public test
6480 × 1.5 = 9720 1.5 times return
If this test has a stored value of 40,000 Lingshi, when it is open beta,
30000 * 1.5 = 45000 1.5 times return
40000 - 30000 = 10000 original rate return part
45000 + 10000 = 55000 Total return to Lingshi

How do I receive a permanent reward and a stored value return to Lingshi during the public beta?

Step 1: During the public beta, the permanent props and the stored value will be returned to Lingshi. You must use the same platform to bind the account.

Because only the "same platform with the binding account" login, we can only identify as the same account.

Example: In this deletion test, the player uses an Android phone and is bound to a Facebook account.

At the time of public beta,
  • Use your Android phone and bind your Facebook account to get rewards.
  • Use an Apple phone, bind a Facebook account, and not receive a reward.
  • Use an Android phone and bind a Twitter account to receive a reward.
  • Please remember to keep your own platform and binding account after storing the value.
  • At the same time, it is recommended to save your own role name, level and other account information before taking the screenshot.
Note: Tourist accounts are easy to lose and difficult to retrieve, making it difficult to inherit rewards during public beta.

Step 2: After the public beta, after arriving at the Windward Fjord to unlock the welfare system, you can receive the permanent reward from the test in the historical test reward interface.

Historical test reward interface

Is the "value-for-money rebate package" obtained in this test stored value still available for public beta?

During the test, the player's accumulated stored value can be inherited to the public beta 100%.

You can receive the "Value Rebate Package" again during the public beta.

Value rebate package

Why are you involved in the gameplay and cannot get an experience upgrade?
Active experience: The experience that players get from outside the "main line mission" is called "active experience."

There is a "cap" for active experience that is available daily. After reaching the upper limit, the experience will be transformed into "experience."
At this point, players are free to participate in other favorite games.

According to the "active experience" upper limit, the upper limit of the server level for each day of the test period is as follows:

Server level limit for each day during the test

In the first-rate welfare, the "Sea of the Dai" fashion scraps of the war festival cannot be used?
The "Sea of the Dai" fashion in the War Festival is still under intense production. This test cannot be used. Please understand the sea people.

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