Dawn of Isles Global Launch schedule


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Aug 7, 2018
Hooray! BIG NEWS as promised for Islanders who have been waiting a long time! Dawn of Isles' Global Launch schedule is settled! Finally!

Dawn of Isles Release date will be on May 30th for the App Store and June 04th on Google Play.

A brand-new world of vibrant and refreshing visuals is coming! Please set your alarms and be the first to embark on this fun-tastic journey!

Please check the following answers GUGU got from the team. Hope this short Q&A notes help!

Q1: We've noticed it's a test server! Will the data be wiped out someday?
a. Yes, the test server will be closed and all the data will be erased.

Q2. The recharge system seems not working. Why can't we use the recharge system?
a. Since it is a test server, the recharge system is not open. But it will be open when Dawn of Isles is officially released.

Q3. Any OB schedule?
a. The final date is not set yet! But we are working on it to bring DOI to the public ASAP. So please stay tuned, Islanders! We'll keep you updated.

Q4. Is there any difference between the test server and the official server?
a. As many of you might not be aware of, we actually have accelerated the pace of level-up in the current test server so you can enjoy more content during the test stage. Double EXP is offered in the test server, making the level-up rate quicker than the normal. The EXP you get from the official release will be adjusted back to normal speed.

Thank you all very much for the care, love, and affection you gave to Dawn of Isles. We will keep polishing the game and hope to see you all at the official launch! Don't forget to pre-register it in the store if you enjoy this fun-tastic fantasy adventure!

See you soon! Islanders!

The world of Isles is composed of countless islands scattered over the sea. People who live on the islands are called "Islanders". Each Islander lives on his own "Home Island".

To manage their Home Islands well and construct buildings with different functions, they collect all kinds of resources in various ways. They cut down trees, mine ore, harvest shrubs, fish big fish and grow crops. They visit each other's home islands, provide help, play jokes and make friends.

Are you ready to experience life in Dawn of Isles? Please stay tuned and we are coming soon!


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Aug 7, 2018
Your support and understanding make the waiting feel shorter. So finally!!! For Android players, don't forget to join us in this fun-tastic fantasy adventure tomorrow.

The launch times for Android platform in each region are as follows:
  • JP: June 4th 9:00 (UTC+9)
  • EU: June 4th 5:30 (UTC+2)
  • NA: June 3rd 17:00 (UTC-7)

You are welcomed to Pre-Reg in Google Play during the last several hours:

After we publish the game, you shall receive a push notification from Google Play asking you to install it.

Woo-hoo! See you there then!