Days of Decay Second Beta Test Postponed


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Aug 7, 2018
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We very appreciate your attention to Days of Decay. Your support for the game is the best boost and biggest motivation for working. However, we are so sorry to inform you that the second Beta Test for April will be postponed. And the exact date still needs to be determined later.

In the recent internal test, our team found that DoD will abnormally operate, display game content incorrectly or flashback in some phone models. So considering the game experience, more time is required to fix these issues. Meanwhile, we will also constantly improve the server and game stability and bring y’all a better DoD. We hope you will understand and keep supporting us.

About the date of the next Beta, we will announce it as soon as possible once it’s settled.

Please allow us expressing the regret again.

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In the spring of 2028, a terrifying serial killing was heard in Oasis City, governed by X Institute. But it was far from a criminal case...
All the tragedies should be traced back to the Man’s first Mars landing. Doctor X has found the signs of life on Mars and begun his genetic research of Martian microorganisms.

Six months later, you were attacked by monsters and went into a coma when escaping from Oasis City. You waked up in the wildness and unfortunately lost your memory. Hunger, chill, tiredness and unexpected attack from monsters or strangers, none of them is easy to overcome. So to survive and investigate the truth behind, you have to explore the unknown world. Be a lone wolf or the head lion? It’s all up to YOU.

Game features
  • Ruined buildings, mutated creatures, here is a real apocalyptic world.
  • Ingriguing story, free building, weapon crafting, each of them is worth trying.
  • Rich and flexible quest system helps you grow faster.
  • Global server and multi-player fighting against the monster bring you endless fun.