DC and Marvel MOBA War Has Just Begun: DC Battle Arena To Be Launched Soon

The never-ending rivalry between comic book superheroes has also reached the competitive arena of mobile MOBA games as DC responded to Marvel's Super War with their very own MOBA-like game called DC Battle Arena featuring the likes of Superman and Batman duking out in an intense heroic 2v2v2 PVP action.

Created by Electronic Soul, DC Battle Arena pit heroes and villains alike from DC Universe in enclosed arena-like maps where each of the heroes have their own pair of skills besides their basic attack button to dish out damage against each other. The game also added a Battle Royale elements with drop points that players need to capture along the way. Unlike Marvel Super War who fully adopted the lane-based maps with each match can run for 10-15 minutes or so, Battle Arena employs a more fast game duration with its enclosed map and no lanes to protect. If you are familiar with the games like Brawl Star and other 3vgamesme then that is exactly the feel of DC Battle Arena.

You can unlock more heroes along the way and equipped them with gears to add more effects on their combat prowess. You can also add core items to them for a more powerful boost. Like any other MOBA-like game, there are also skins to unlock and purchase for cosmetics as well as a match for Casual and Rank game. So far, each hero and villain are categorized into three roles: Vanguard (which akin to tank), Juggernaut (most likely Warriors/Attackers), and Tacticians (Support or Nuker).

DC Battle Arena surprisingly tone down every character in its game by making them cartoonish which appeals more to younger fans as compared to Super War who opt for real and life-like depictions of heroes and villains in terms of graphics. But gameplay-wise it has all the core elements for a complete PVP-based game with hero upgrades and proficiency to unlock more skills and increase their level via XP capsules which makes it an overall a decent game with all the standard and tweaked elements from the likes of MOBA, Battle Royale, and RPG.

DC Battle Arena is still on its close beta and previously open its game test in the Philippines and Malaysia. Unfortunately, it is not available now in Google Play since the test is already finished. But it is also good news for the developers to finally let the game proceed to the next phase and soon enough it will available for the official launch hopefully this year.

Let us know your thoughts about DC's new game and will it be able to outmatch Marvel Super War at the comment section below.