Dead by Daylight Mobile Announced for April 16

Have you ever had a time when you want to play as someone who is trying to escape a killer from offering you to a weird creature of the abyss, or maybe you want to experience the vice versa? The thrill of chasing someone, helplessly claw their way to escape the death area they are in. Well, look no further to Dead by Daylight! It's even becoming more accessible as it opens in Mobile in April 16.

Yep, you heard it right? The game that some people have been raving about for a while is coming soon in both Android and iOS. What is Dead by Daylight all about? Like what I said earlier. In Dead By Daylight, you either play as a group of 4 survivors trying to escape from single killer that will offer you as sacrifice to the being known as the Entity. For the survivors to escape, they would need fix generators which would be 5 generators to one of the two doors. OR, escape through the hatch if you are the only one alive.

As you can see from someone who have tried the beta of the game, some movements need refinement, it can be seen as stiff unlike the PC version. Another thing is that they need to fix the matchmaking as according to the uploader, the game has better wait times for survivors as everyone wants to play as the killer and if you queue in as a killer, you will have to wait for a long time to play. Another thing to note in the comment is that you need to have a strong internet connection playing this. I think that because you need to chase down survivors or run against the killer if you had a brain fart, then they might have escaped already, so it is a valid thing to say.

Also they have various pre-register bonuses when you enter in to pre-register, check this tweet

With all that's said, are you ready for the game, check your internet connection and refine your skills before the game hits in April 16th. Would you play DBD Mobile? Tell us below!