Dead by Daylight Mobile released already

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If you aren't aware, last March we talked about Dead by Daylight and how it is going to have a mobile version. While some are excited to play the game, we still have reservations about the quality that we saw in someone's gameplay of it, if you are curious, here's the aforementioned article . But, yeah, the game has been released now and these are the things that are happening in the game.


The game is getting a Stranger Things collaboration, what does it bring to the table? It just means that there would be more characters for you to enjoy. Have a knack at the new characters such as Steve, Nancy and Demorgon which you can get at the store, they are bound to bring in new things in your game as they might have new skills and play styles for you to find out.

Pre-registrations and a New Event

For those who were really excited, fans of the game have pre-registered to have their respective app stores to notify them when the game has been released. It makes sense after all because the game also launched a pre-register campaign that lets those who have pre-registered gain bonuses such as clothes, shards and skins. The image below shows the pre-register bonuses.

And before you ask, yep, the one million pre-register goal has been achieved. This only signifies that there are a lot of players who are interested in playing the game in mobile and for reasons that we could point to such as portability that you can play the game anywhere and it is fast-paced when you see the gameplay.

With the launch becoming a success, the next for the devs to make a loyal fanbase is to release events to have a flowing content that players will definitely enjoy. Such as this one.

You get double exp from characters and double bloodpoints which will really be handy for the players!


Mobile ports that came from the PC games are nothing new really, but Dead by Daylight is anticipated because it has promise as a multiplayer game that it can be bring its full potential in the mobile market. As long as they fix bugs, maintain the activity in the game and do their best to appease the fanbase, I can see them succeeding. Are you playing the game? Tell us in the comments below!