Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan Crossover Announced

Announced during Dead by Daylight 6th anniversary livestream, Behaviour Interactive announces that the game will be getting an Attack on Titan crossover event sometime in the future.

attack on titan.png

However, this crossover between the two will only involve cosmetics. Meaning, only well-known characters of the game will have costumes inspired from prominent characters of the anime series.

dead by daylight x attack on titan3.png

dead by daylight x attack on titan2.png

There will be a total of three Attack on Titan costumes that will be available. Dead by Daylight characters, Dwight and Zarina, will be getting costumes inspired by Eren Yaeger and Hange Zoe. While the original killer in the game, Oni, will get a costume inspired by the Armored Titan with unique elements mixed in.

dead by daylight x attack on titan1.png

This is the first anime-inspired crossover of Dead by Daylight. The previous collaborations of the game was also with video games as well such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil.