Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan crossover collection now available!

Released along with the 6.1.0 patch notes of Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive has collaborated with one of the most well-known popular modern anime, Attack on Titan, to launch a bunch of new cosmetics for you to enjoy.

dead by daylight x AOT.png

These new skins are made for specific Survivors and Killers of the game. As before the release of these cosmetics, the developers chose Dead by Daylight characters that best resemble their Attack on Titan counterparts in ways beyond aesthetic similarities.

“We dove into the backstories of our characters to ensure their outfits were representative of the original Attack on Titan character emotions or values,” explains Rose Li, Dead by Daylight’s Product Manager – Live Ops. “Historia’s cloak, as seen on Kate Denson, is meant to reflect her kindness -- she wears one to visit an orphanage in the anime.” It made sense to pair Historia with Kate, a character who has embodied kindness throughout her own journey.

Here are the following Dead by Daylight characters with their Attack on Titan outfit:


dbd x aot1.png

  • Dwight Fairfield - Eren’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot3.png

  • Yui Kimura - Mikasa’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot7.png

  • Jake Park - Levi’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot2.png

  • Meg Thomas - Annie’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot4.png

  • Felix Richter - Armin’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot8.png

  • Kate Denson - Historia’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot6.png

  • Zarina Kassir - Hange’s Uniform (1080 AC)
dbd x aot.png

  • Ace Visconti - Kenny’s Uniform (1080 AC)

dbd x aot9.png

  • The Oni – Armored Titan (1485 AC)
dbd x aot5.png

  • The Spirit – War Hammer Titan (1485 AC)
Purchasing outfits from the collection will allow players to earn up to five Charms. Check out further details below:
  • Cadet Corps Crest Charm – Logging on during the Mid-Chapter release*
  • Scout Regiment Corps Crest Charm – Unlocking any 3 Attack on Titan outfits
  • Military Police Regiment Crest Charm – Unlocking any 2 Attack on Titan outfits
  • Garrison Regiment Crest Charm – Unlocking any Attack on Titan Survivor outfit
  • Wall Titan Charm: Unlocking any Attack on Titan Killer outfit
The Attack on Titan collection is now available. Purchase yours now!

"Forge your path as a Survivor or wreak havoc as a Titan – the choice is yours."