Dead or Alive? World of Dragon Nest Updates

I think it all started in a comment thread that I came upon a few days later. Almost 80% of the thread share the same sentiment that Nexon's World of Dragon Nest is practically a dead game now. It's surprising to read such words from players knowing how big the hype was created back then when WoD was announced before in mobile platform.

Dragon Nest was once a popular MMORPG in PC that many pinoy gamers enjoy so much that devoted community is created out of if. But it seems its mobile version didn't reach the kind of level it brings in the table and gamers start to steer away from it.

What really happened to WoD? Is it truly a dead MMORPG now?

The simple answer to that one is No; WoD's developer is still putting a lot of new content in the game which means it is alive and kicking. However, the claim that it is dead might happen for several reasons.

If you look at the ratings posted by players at Google Play for Wod, you can't help but notice how drastically low it is as compared with its initial score. Technically its score is rated 'Poor' now. Upon browsing each of the reviews and feedback, there are two major reasons why this happens: one is the bugs and glitches and second is the claim that it is Pay To Win.

The bugs are quite understandable because after all, there is a new update that has been released for the game. The only catch here though is that according to other players, the bug continues to pester them even before the new update went live. The Pay To Win scheme has also made the players a bit disappointed knowing that their characters can only have an advantage against other players if their wallets can pay the price. But in general, WoD's game content is totally free even without payments. You can grind and be patient and still manage to acquire rare weapons or items along the way without spending cash.

On the other hand, you can also understand the sentiment of these players who wanted to make their characters grow exponentially without wasting any amount of money. It only shows that they actually love the game but the circumstances somehow affected it. Still, one must also understand that in order to maintain and consistently improve a game, funds are needed and among the few ways to gain some monetary resources is by selling in-game items.

But there might be hope for WoD with its new content that puts the player's needs in the spotlight. It doesn't only provides fresh and exciting features like brand new dungeons, additional skills for level 80 and 100, and new rare items. It also now stared a Level Jumping Event that lets the player immediately gain a level up to 70 in no time. What's more, is the generous freebies that new players can get as well as those who will start their journey at the Karas server where whooping amounts gold and red diamonds awaits them.

WoD has a lot of potential for a top-class MMORPG so let us look forward as to how the developers can manage to pull it off and bring World of Dragon Nest back on its track as a contender for mobile MMORPG supremacy.