Deadly Ninja Hero Sura Arrives in Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss announced today that a brand-new Hero "Sura" has been added to its action-packed PvP Shadow Arena. Now entering the battlefield, he will use his deadly skills to ensure his victory as the sole survivor.

Ninja Hero Sura.png

Sura is a dexterous and aggressive ninja who compensates for his lack of defense with sheer attack power and cunning combat techniques. He uses his Sura Katanas and Kunai weapons, deadly throwing blades, to take enemies by surprise. He has 5 skills to choose from including his inherent skill "Sixth Blade: Free-Form."

Players who enjoy melee combat will be thrilled by this Hero's fast-paced combat style and ability to avoid damage by side-stepping enemy attacks. Furthermore, Sura also recovers HP whenever his skills successfully land on an opponent. His stylish and risky combat strategy will make Sura a unique addition to the Shadow Arena roster.

In the meantime, a Weekly Tryout format has been added to the Regional Cup which will be held for 3 weeks starting September 7. Anyone can participate despite their level and there will be rewards for reaching at least 5th place each week during the tryout period. Those in 1st place will receive 500,000 KRW and will advance to the Regional Cup Finals. The Weekly Tryout will be live-streamed on Twitch, YouTube, AfreecaTV, and DouyuTV.

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