Deathmatch Mode Now Available in Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss announced today that a 5vs5 Deathmatch mode has been introduced in Shadow Arena. Players can take this opportunity to practice a new Hero and enhance their teamfighting skills without worrying about rankings.

Deathmatch Mode.png

Deathmatch is a new mode in which up to 10 players are divided into 2 teams that battle against each other until one team reaches 30 kills within 20 minutes. When players die after their HP reaches 0, they can respawn after 10 seconds and they can change to another Hero during this respawn cooldown.

In the Deathmath mode, the game will start when at least 2 players enter the lobby. Players will be put into either a Red or Blue team and will be given 13 Skill Points along with blue-grade gear.

A new item "Freeze Bomb" has been added to Shadow Arena. The Freeze Bomb applies high damage and 3 seconds of freeze to nearby opponents. This new item can be obtained at a set rate by defeating monsters and can be thrown by aiming in the desired direction while standing still.

Moreover, a special event "Perfect Time for Shadow Arena!" is taking place until further notice. Players can receive various rewards such as a great amount of silver and All-Hero Pass depending on the number of Ranked Solo matches they play.

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