Deck Guide Control Bearded Dragon Paladin by RegisKillbin


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Apr 27, 2019
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The League of Explorers expansion has really started to reshape the meta. A handful of good cards are unlocking all kinds of new class archetypes, and even enabling a few decks that have been "almost-good" for a very long time. One such deck is Dragon Paladin, which Brann Bronzebeard has made stronger than ever before.

In my Bearded Dragon Paladin deck, Brann Bronzebeard can do some absolutely crazy things, and makes Paladins better than ever at controlling the board behind walls of taunts and big dragons. Check out the video below to get the general strategy of the deck, basic mulligan tips, and live gameplay to help you with decision-making and gameplay paths.

Now that you've see the beards in action, here's a convenient decklist to help you assemble it yourself.

I've really been enjoying Brann Bronzebeard and all the amazing things he can accomplish. Dropping four Boom Bots, getting a 12-health Twilight Drake, or healing for 16 is so much fun. The deck is pretty good for climbing the ladder too, so there's really no downside when it comes to the Bearded Dragon Paladin!

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