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Apr 27, 2019
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Control warrior decks have been a stalwart in Hearthstone ranked play forever. They evolve over time with small changes here and there, and that's exactly what's happened with this latest take on the archetype. Only one new card has been added from League of Explorers, but the deck is also aligned to combat the hyper-aggressive meta that the expansion has brought with it.

The Scarab Warrior is a control-style warrior deck that's built to stop early-game aggression thanks to a plethora of 2- and 3-mana cards, along with lots of defensive options. It's less equipped to win heavy control matchups, but it can still succeed thanks to late-game burst and expansive value cards.

General Strategy

Like every control-style warrior before it, this deck aims to last through the early- and mid-game until it can start to drop constant threats in the late-game. That means you'll need a handful of answers to quick aggression and fast boards from your opponent. Sometimes that will come in the form of weapons to clear, and other times it'll be minions to trade effectively.

If you're still alive by the mid-game, you can start to counter the board with your own minions and threats, while gaining tempo using extremely cheap removal spells like Execute and Shield Slam. You should be able to build up a board of a minion or two, and capitalize on that position with increasingly-scary threats and small chunks of damage to the enemy face.

At some point you'll have them low enough to consider lethal from weapons or a Grommash Hellscream burst from the hand. You may also have to drag things out and win on the back of value plays like Harrison Jones, Ysera, or Justicar Trueheart. This deck isn't perfect for fatigue battles, as it's better suited to counter a quick meta, but it can combat moderately slow decks in very long duels.

How to Mulligan

You have to get one or two cards to play in the first few turns or you may never catch up and stabilize. Fiery War Axe is always a priority in the mulligan, and Armorsmith or Cruel Taskmaster can also be good if you expect the opponent to play 1-health minions. Bash is great if you know they'll have a scary early-drop to clear like Darnassus Aspirant or a Knife Juggler.

Jeweled Scarab is the unusual card in this deck, and also great to grab in the mulligan. It can guarantee you a strong turn-2 and turn-3 all on its own, which is so important for this deck to survive. Its 1/1 body won't leave anyone quaking in their boots, but it can ping off divine shields or kill an imp. It will also draw you cards like Frothing Berserker, Fierce Monkey, Bash, Ogre Warmaul, or even Earthen Ring Farseer, all of which can be huge plays if you're low on options. Of course it can also work wonders in the late-game with draws like Shield Block, Big Game Hunter, or even Arcane Golem for lethal.

Matchups Control: Depending on how greedy the opponent's deck is, you may not be able to go toe-to-toe with them for a long time. Your threats are typically suited to answering aggressive boards (Baron Geddon, Sylvanas, Shieldmaiden), and don't do well in the extreme value game. Only Ysera and Justicar Trueheart give you potentially "infinite" value. Thankfully Jeweled Scarab does actually increase the size of your deck by two cards, but only barely since you can only gain 6 mana worth of answers, and very rarely will they be huge tempo plays. You need to look for big swing turns that push lots of damage and set up Grommash Hellscream lethals. You can't play it too passively or you'll run out of steam.
  • Aggro: This deck has everything it needs to stomp out aggressive decks. There are consistent answers to draw in the first few turns, lots of stabilization mechanisms in the mid-game, and strong finishers to make sure no miracles can happen. Don't worry about using Slam to ping off a threat, even if you can't get a card draw. You need to remove anything and everything, and have no room for conservative plays. Look for extra value from Armorsmith and remember to value tempo first and recovery second until you absolutely need some extra life to stay alive.
Card Replacements

With control warrior lists, there are always a few different ways to build them. This list is well-refined, but a few small changes could be impactful. Fierce Monkey might be more reliable than Sen'jin Shieldmasta, especially if you're not seeing a lot of Piloted Shredders and need an earlier taunt.

Loatheb could stomp out burst or combo decks and give you another sold mid-game body to make trades. Alexstrasza might fit nicely for setting up lethals or recovering from a particularly scary start with a big heal.


This deck was played all the way up to #2 on the legend ladder, meaning it's one of the very best decks in the world right now. You should also be able to find success with it in an aggressive and fast-paced meta. Now get out there and stomp some Shamans, Hunters, and Druids!

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