Deck Spotlight LoE Jackhammer Shaman by Reynad


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Apr 27, 2019
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Shaman hasn't been much of a threat on the ranked ladder in recent months, but that's all starting to change thanks to League of Explorers. Reynad has introduced a devastating new deck into the competitive scene, and it'll have you climbing the ladder rapidly and efficiently on the back of insane burst damage.

The Jackhammer Shaman utilizes threatening minions, swarming mechs, damaging spells, and powerful weapons to mow down opponents as quickly as possible. This deck is all about going to the face and winning fast. In the video below, I break down the decklist in detail and play a couple games to see it in action. Take a minute to watch and you'll quickly see why this deck is so amazing.

You can also use the handy visual decklist below to assemble the deck yourself.

It's great to see Shaman back in the fold, especially with a deck that's so fun and powerful. If you like hyper-aggressive decks that either win fast or lose spectacularly, this one will be perfect for your play-style. If you don't like going for the face every time and all of the time, you need to avoid this one!