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Nov 30, 2018
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Come up with a strategy! Many options of heroes for you to fight against lots of enemies with the aid of your soldiers. Each of them has their own ability. The evil zombies may know no mercy, but your hero can use sword, hammer, magic to defeat them all – every monster on your kingdom is a fun challenge!

Born to Fight – A tower defense strategy game about Defense Warrior: Castle Battle Offline

Let’s become Defense Warrior: Castle Battle Offline to fight against the monsters, zombies and warriors betrayed. We are led by the leader of The Human alliance is Mountain King (Zeus), The Orc alliance with Blade Master warrior and The Elf is snow Frozen Queen. Not only that, we also get help from other soldiers. Fight together and protect statue from the strong waves and zombie, demon revenge army.
Feature of Defense Warrior: Castle Battle Offline
- Classic Tower Defense game but very creative with mix of rpg and mmorpg style.
- Amazing graphic with chibi cute graphic.
- The quest system about 100 task quest and many daily quest help player stronger, get friend’s soldiers and upgrade skills, army to pass levels.
- The soldier about 30 friendly type: knight, divine witch, angle, paladin, holy priest, elf warrior, militia, demon hunter and summer your unique soldier bla bla.
- 3 main Heroes: human zeus with dmg armor, orc blade master with weak skills, snow frozen queen with magic staff.
- 60 levels and 8 bosses. They are not weak. They have big damage (dmg) with fantastic skills. The divine enemy with zombies, dragon, skeleton and monster.
- The combat system is extremely abundant, contains the breath of mmo strategy games.

Do not stop at dangerous enemies, fight in the end. Let’s protect your statue, cast the right skill at the right time and get the top of leaderboard. Let’s become one of legends and fight for Defense Warrior: Castle Battle Offline. We will stand by you!