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Aug 7, 2018
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Long long ago, a war of six ancient deities broke out. The deities of Light, Water and Wind insisted that war would only destroy the balance of Weldar. In contrast, the deities of Fire, Thunder and Poison persisted in bringing chaos and order to balance the world. Thus, war was unavoidable. In the end, the deities of Fire, Thunder and Poison were locked in the prison of abyss. Six relics were lost after the war. After a long time, human gained the recognisation of the three deities and were granted the canon that records the history of this world – Deity Book.As a result of human’s rapid development, greed and lust started to spread all over the land. The governor forgot the warning of Gods, and the war was raised again, causing the Deity Book torn down by dark energy. The bloody Gate of Russ was opened, releasing thousands and thousands of demons that painted Weldar with blood.

Main Story

One day, a young warrior came to Starson Village, passed the trial and became the member of Gale Knights. To protect Welder from darkness, the leader of Gale Knight decided to find the six lost ancient relics. One time, after defeating the demons, the young warrior found a hidden fire relic in dragon pillar, and was chosen by the twin-head dragon to become the master of the relic, Fire Grail.

In order to restrain the fire power of the relic, he knew that he needed the power of water. He must reach to the top of Grana Mountain to get the water relic. But to reach Grana Mountain, one must first pass the nest of demon – Inferno Hell.

Young warrior climbed to the top of Grana. An owner of bar asked him to find his lost sister, but no one had expected she had become a demon. She used her last breath and told the young warrior, in order to get the water relic, one must pass the Snow Gate and defeat its guardian – Ice Dragon. He defeated the dragon and found the relic – Glacier Chord and oracle of Wind Compass.

In New Graad City, young warrior was seen as the chosen one by Holy Mage. Meanwhile, the Star Maiden were losing her power of prophecy due to her obsession with her lost lover. The leader of Gale Knight was her lover, no one knows his whereabouts. The young warrior defeated the Puppet King in Windblaze Cave and found the half of Wind Compass. He came back with an insignia of Gale Knight and a sword of the leader. His adventure continued. Then, he defeated Twin-head Dragon and received another half of Wind Compass.

To repair the Wind Compass, young warrior came to Crystal Cave. That place was full of electric energy. The Heart of Crystal which was hidden in the deep of cave might be able to fix the compass. Unexpectedly, he opened the entrance to the Thunder Hallow, it was the best chance to defeat thunder demon – Alastor and get the Shiden Mirror. Finally, he received the thunder relic and the cave started collapsing. He went deeper into the cave and found the Heart of Crystal to prevent monster coming out from the fallen cave. With the help of Holy Mage, he fixed the wind relic and sealed the Crystal Cave.

After that, the young warrior saved a banker from demon and drank the Holy Water on Grana Mountain. But he felt unwell, the water must be polluted. He purified the water under Star Maiden’s assistance. The banker told him that the giant dragon lived inside the woods. He defeated it and obtained the poison relic, but unfortunately it was a fake one. To get the real artifact, he went back to the mountain again. And this time, he found the real one – Soul Hourglass on the Goddess’ Hand, and took it back to New Graad.

The battle mage said that 20 years ago, Lord Kross who died in the war was his best friend, rumor said that he had revived, wandering around Light Hall. Young warrior found that Kross was actually summoned by the Light Deity to destroy the world. Young warrior discovered Time Rift, and found a very weak light relic. With the power of six ancient deities, Holy Mage started to fix the Deity Book and prepare to counterattack the Gate of Russ. Little did one know, the young warrior fell into the Time Rift and realized the Silver Moon was falling too......

What’s real and what’s not? Did Time Rift change the history or it was just a conspiracy of Light Deity? Only the brightest place can keep the darkest secret…


Assassin is a high mobility class, and they have the most displacement skills among 3 classes. It is flexible and requires more tactics to use. The assassin has the only stealth skill in the game, and can launch a critical strike after stealth. Hence it is very eye-catching, no matter the single or AOE damage.


Being as the only ranged class, the mage’s HP and armor is relatively weaker than the other two classes. However, its DPS is superb. As long as a certain distance can be kept from the enemy, the Mage can win without injury. The Mage's early skills are far more plentiful than the other two classes, and the power control ability can also play a supporting role in the team. It’s an indispensable role on the battlefield.


The berserker plays a charger role in the team, has the ability to clean up the mobs quickly and the charge displacement skills. Berserker has high DPS, crowd control, and the ability to fight alone. The main weapon of the berserker is the scythe, and the skills relate with the scythe. Look at how the Death Scythe reaps the souls.


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