Deity Fallen: Assassin Skills Set


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Aug 7, 2018
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Assassin has the only stealth skill in the game, making him able to ambush the enemies and launch fatal hits. He is good with both single-target and AOE skills.

Storm: Unlocked at Lv.1 with 12 seconds of initial cool down. Perform kicks towards enemies, dealing up to 8 times of damage.

Prime: Unlocked at Lv. 3 with 12 seconds of initial cool down. Leap upwards, grows wings and spin forward to deal impale attack towards enemies up to 3 times.

Moon Annulus: Unlocked at Lv.4 with 14 seconds of initial cool down. Releases multiple blades to targets in front in a short burst, dealing damage for up to 4 times.Space Quake: Unlocked at Lv.10 with 16 seconds of initial cool down. Spin and kick enemies, dealing damage up to 4 times.

Death Matrix: Unlocked at Lv.20 with 20 seconds of initial cool down. Releases an area of effect skill which makes the character invisible, dealing damage for once in every second.

Star Hook: Unlocked at Lv.25 with 24 seconds of initial cool down. Toss a hook in front, if it hits the target, the target will be pulled towards character and stunned, dealing damage for once.

Phantom: Unlocked at Lv.30 with 17 seconds of initial cool down. Casts a shadow clone and deal damage to target in front. Dealing damage for up to 6 times.

Blast Strike: Unlocked at Lv.35 with 29 seconds of cool down. Releases a successive attack dealing up to 11 times of damage.

Instant Kill: Unlocked at Lv.40 with 36 seconds of cool down. Casts multiple shadow clones to deal damage for up to 3 times to the target within range.

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