Deity Fallen: Inferno Tower


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Aug 7, 2018
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Inferno Tower is the testing stone of player’s DPS. Defeat the monster within time limit to pass. The DPS of player and the recommended DPS will be shown at the left side of interface. If the DPS of player couldn’t hit the target, player is recommended to leave earlier.

After entering Inferno Tower, player will challenge different BOSS at each floor. Chest Rewards would appear at certain floors. The player who passed the floors fastest will be shown at the upper right. If you want to be known by all servers, go challenge the limit of Inferno Tower.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish challenging it. Player is able to reset (one time) Inferno Tower daily and obtain the second chance to purge the tower until the last result.

You are able to surpass high-level players with smooth and skillful operation. Player’s operation skill means everything. In this cruel world, there is a special dungeon which is able to comfort the common player. Ludo Chamber is a game which depends on player’s luck but not the skills.

The gameplay of Ludo Chamber is quite similar with Flight Chess. The tiny statue will start moving based on the number of dice. Player will obtain different kind of rewards on different colors of slots. There are 5 kinds of slot, such as Green: Item Reward; Blue: Weapon Gear; White: Gear Reward; Red: Ultimate Gear; Orange: Stage Cleared Reward.

Lots of golds, Chamber Coin and Element Gem will be dropped in Ludo Chamber. Element Gem is the essential item to upgrade Twin Souls. Chamber Coin can be used to exchange the item of upgrading the Twin Souls skill from Chamber Shop. The amount of dice is limited, it can maximally keep 10 dices and able to restore 1 dice in every 60 minutes.

Attention, the floor number of Ludo Chamber will be reset daily. Player must check on the time frequently if wants to go further.

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