Deity Fallen: Into the World of Darknesis


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Aug 7, 2018
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The game focuses on the aspect of innovative, in the hope to deliver a whole new experience to players. The question now is, just how innovative can this game be? Read on, and let’s find out together

【Smooth Battle Experience】
“ DEITY FALLEN ” is developed with Unity 3D game engine to ensure the quality of the game. The skill effects and graphics are at the highest grade of performance. Furthermore, the character modelling will change accordingly when players change the equipment, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

【New Combat Gameplay】
Unlike the conventional mobile ARPG, “ DEITY FALLEN ” is utilizing the adaptive angle of view. The game is in flat angle during the roam in the city, making it easy to complete quest, and switch to over-shoulder angle during battles, giving players a better view and more feedback. What matters the most is that there are more than 10 distinct gameplay features available in game which offers varieties, and playability.

【Visually Stunning Art Style】
“ DEITY FALLEN ” embraces the essence of dark ambience. Despite of various colors used, the overall art style is still dull and dark, in order to fit the theme of the game. The build of characters are full of details, the in-game scenes are breathtaking, and the illustrations are impressive too.

【Epic Dark World】
In the story of “ DEITY FALLEN ”, the six deities were once in a great conflict, mankind became the victims of that conflict. The main character is getting to the core of all mysteries during the adventure, trying to uncover the truth and conspiracy behind it. The story revolves around this theme.

【Combat Style】
The timing of skill casting is essential in the combat of “ DEITY FALLEN ”. Strategy and good control are important to win a battle in this game. The combat mechanics are aimed to be relevant to the theme of the game, so that palyers would be able to have a more immersive gaming experience.

【Competitive Gameplay】
Unlike conventional mobile ARPG, where the game is focused more towards PvE, where the AI of enemies are crafted to perfection, but lack of PvP elements in overall. On the other hand, “ DEITY FALLEN ” has greatly improved the PvP elements for the game, while maintaining full PvE features. In that way, players would be able to compete among themselves to test out their abilities and strategies.

In a nutshell, “ DEITY FALLEN ” is a players-oriented mobile ARPG, where the whole game is fine tuned to make sure players can get the most out of the game, constantly improving their gaming skills, all while having fun playing it. If you’re interested in experiencing the game yourself, stay tuned for more news of “ DEITY FALLEN ”.

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