Deity Fallen: Mage Skills Set


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Aug 7, 2018
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As the only ranged DPS class in DEITY FALLEN , the mage does have outstanding DPS despite having comparatively lower HP and DEF than the other two classed. They can usually leave the battlefiend unscathed as long as they keep a distance with enemies.

Mages have far more skills than the other two classes in early stage, and their powerful control ability can play an auxiliary role in team, which is an indispensable role in the battlefield.

Frozen Spike: Unlocked at Lv. 1, 15-sec CD at Lv. 1. Summon 3 loops of Frozen Spike to deal 3 damages freezing the target.
Aurora: Unlocked at Lv. 1, 16-sec CD at Lv. 1. Release Icy Fire Ray on the rectangular area ahead dealing up to 15 damages. The ray will rotate.

Aerolite: Unlocked at Lv. 4, 16-sec CD at Lv. 1. Summon numerous burning aerolite and form an aerolite shower dealing up to 18 damages to target.

Healing Rain: Unlocked at Lv. 10, 28-sec CD at Lv. 1. Build a caster-centred dome that will drop healing rain that restores HP of allies in range for 8 sec.

Ice Wall: Unlocked at Lv. 20, 20-sec CD at Lv.1. Set up an ice blue screen in front of the caster that can deal 4 damages and block damage received.

Fire Wall: Unlocked at Lv. 25, 22-sec CD at Lv. 1. Throw out a fire ball that forms a fire wall dealing 2 damages to target for 5 sec.

Havoc: Unlocked at Lv. 20, 26-sec CD at Lv. 1. Throw out 5 Havoc Balls in fan-shaped direction, dealing up to 5 damages to target

Fiery Dragon: Unlocked at Lv. 35, 31-sec CD at Lv. 1. Summon a giant dragon that spits fire. The dragon will survive for 13 sec.

Black Hole: Unlocked at Lv. 40, 36-sec CD at Lv. 1. Charge and then hurl a massive black hole forward that attracts nearby objects and inflict four damages.

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