Deity Fallen: Non-targeting free battle

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Aug 7, 2018
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Deity Fallen Review: Non-targeting free battle

The new ARPG “ NEVAEH II : ERA OF DARKNESS ” is going to launch its first test. Featuring smooth and free battle, this game strives to provide the best mobile gaming experience. What surprises will this game bring to us upon its debut?
Non-targeting Free Battle

The top-class battle mode is a highlighted feature of Deity Fallen . This game adopts non-targeting battle mode with an 45° overhead view rather than the traditional targeting mode. Most of the attacks are group damage which targets on specific area. What’s worth mentioning is, the attack of monster is also non-targeting. Players can move flexibly to dodge any attack providing a big space for player to give play to their characters.

Botting will be unlocked at Lv. 7. As what mentioned above, the experience of auto-battle will be quite different with manual battle. Only when your level and strength is much higher than the requirement of dungeon, auto-battle will help you to win easily. But if the stage is too hard, manual battle might be a good option.

Various Gamaplays
“ Deity Fallen ” is not just a simple dungeon-battle game. There’re more than 10 types of interesting gameplays ranging from PvP to PvE. There’s Ludo Chamber, which is similar to Flying Chess and Monopoly, you throw a dice to move and keep challenging the further stages. And there’s also tower defence type of gamaplay. “ Deity Fallen ” has made use of 3D view to immerse players in all kinds of surprising gameplays.

Dark Art
As a benchmark of ARPG, Diablo has been the inspiration source of this type of games. You can find the shadow of it in “ Deity Fallen ” too. The dark images and ancient fantasy background will immerse players in this dark world completely.

The first test of “ Deity Fallen ” is already scheduled. To know what’s really in the game, you have to explore it by yourself. It’s recommended for all ARPG lover to give it a shot.

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