Deity Fallen: PvP Strategy


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Aug 7, 2018
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The charm of DEITY FALLEN lies in its PvP. Besides than challenging one dungeon after another, fighting with real human in arena can be fun too. There’re many PvP gameplays, which can be found by tapping Arena, provided in this game.

The five gameplays are Ranked Arena, Ruins Seize, Duel PvP, Survival Match and God War respectively.
Like most mobile games, ranked arena is about choosing an opponent and challenge them. If you win, you will rise to the rank of your opponent. The battle in this arena is automatic which means the battle can start anytime without your waiting. The victory is determined by your CP and combination of skills.

What needs manual operation is the Duel PvP. In this mode, you will be matched with an opponent of similar CP and have to fight with them manually. On this battlefield, a higher CP only cannot guarantee your victory. The timing to use skill, selection of skill and your movement will be the keys to final winning.

Ruins Seize is a multiple-player wild map. From time to time, chests will appear on every corner of the map. The one who opens the chest first will obtain the rewards inside. You might be interrupted anytime in the process of opening chest. This is a forest battlefield. You can trust no one but your guild comrades. Survival Match is a more brutal mode. After you step into the battlefield of Survival Match, everyone is your enemy and anyone who is killed will be expelled from this match. The last survivor will be the final winner who will be awarded with all rewards.

The last gameplay, God War, is currently unavailble yet. But surely only the strongest can step into this battlefield in the future. “DEITY FALLEN ” is calling for warriors, are you ready?
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