Deity Fallen: Wings Gameplay Guide


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Aug 7, 2018
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Wings are a must for each player. Player is able to display splendid and cool wings with high CP. Moreover, it is similar to other accessory, the buff of various wings can be stacked but only a pair of wings can be displayed. During a battle, the more and better quality of wings you have, the more powerful CP you can deal with.

There are 11 types of wings, which are Novice Wings, Bladedge Wings, and Ember Wings, and Fallen Wings. Moreover, there are War Wings, Storm Wings, Angelic Wings, Darkedge Wings, Blazing Wings, Mystic Wings, and Frosty Wings. Player needs the corresponding shard to obtain specific wings. Some of them need 30 shards, 60 shards or maybe 80 shards. The quality of wings is categorizing into Blue, Purple, Gold and Red color.

All wings can increase player's stats which are HP, ATK, DEF, DMG Increase and DMG Reduce. Better quality of wings is able to be enhanced more at the same level. Besides that, all wings would separately activate extra effect at Lv. 5 and Lv. 10, and evolve to perfection. What player needs to keep in mind is, there is only a pair of wings can be equipped at one time, however, player could receive many buffs by owning different wings.

Wings can be upgraded by consuming Breath of Wings. The consumed amount of Breath of Wings will be changed based on the level. There are 3 ways to obtain breath of wings and the common method is Wing Altar. Wing Altar is similar to other altar; it needs to spend golds or diamonds to draw. There is one extra draw chance in certain time. Other than that, it is also able to be obtained by gaining honor from Ranked Arena and exchange breath of wings from Glory Shop. Joining a guild and earning guild point to purchase Breath of Wings from Guild Store is the other way to obtain it.

Wings cannot only be level up, but also be upgraded. Each wing is able to upgrade for 6 times. The buff which provided by upgrade is standing for percentage. For example, after upgrading for twice, the stats of wings will be increased by 50%. This would be a huge improvement for wings. However, upgrade is more difficult than level up, because it needs corresponding shard of wings, which means that the method you obtained the wings is the method to upgrade it. Upgrading the wings means retrieving the wings; therefore, it is not an easy task to make it.

Wing Echo represents the highest standard of this gameplay. If the activated wings are able to be combined with the shards of others, it can improve the effect of wings more. For instance, the basic wings which will be obtained by all players: Novice Wings is able to be combined with 30 shards of Ember Wings; it would increase 7000 of HP, 200 of Attack and extra effect whereas, if it is combining with 30 shards of Fallen Wings, it would increase 8000 of HP, 250 of Attack and extra effect. Undoubtedly, most of the player would choose to activate Fallen Wings and Ember Wings once they had the shards. Even if it have been activated, they would choose to upgrade the wings too.

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