Delays once more: Cyberpunk 2077 delayed, new release date is November 19th PC 

" A delayed game is eventually good but a rushed game is forever bad " , that is always the belief of other people after hearing Shigeru Miyamoto's words regarding these topics, but how long can a player wait when the game has been announced, been told that it is almost done and then suddenly called into another delay again. That's the topic today as we talk about Cyberpunk 2077 delayed yet again!

Earlier this day, CD Projekt Red has announced that they would delay the game from September 17th to November 19th. The reason that they have made this decision is that they need more time to balance the game, analyze more game mechanics and bug fix in order to have a bug-free and great experience in the Night City. They also reiterated that they would not release a game that is incomplete and say that it is "Ready when it's done". Thoughts are mixed with this announcement however.

Some thought that this is just an excuse after the successful releases of some games while others are thinking that since it will be closer to the next-gen console release, they will just wait for it so you can pair that with the game. Others are just complaining at the excuses of the developers since they already have crunch but still demand for more time. Ultimately others are just impatient and want the game now.

While others are cheering on the game, CDPR has a good reputation for full and complete games that will leave you wanting for more, not because the content is lacking but the experience is so great you want to play it more! Especially since Witcher 3 really set the pace for CDPR's good rep.

If you ask me, it is okay to delay games, Persona 5 got delayed a lot but it resulted to an iconic masterpiece of the 21st century gaming. However, they should not keep releasing definite dates of their releases because it will just set people's expectations leading to hype and per delay it will be worse and worse which leaves a sour taste in their integrity. But that's only me. What's your take on Cyberpunk 2077 delays? Tell us in the comment section below!