Delisted Horror Game From Steam Devotion is Now Available After Two Years

Delisted horror game, Devotion, is now back after two years. It is available digitally and in DRM-free format.


In a tweet made by Red Candle two days ago, March 15, they announced that their own e-shop is now online for players who are interested in their game. They confirmed that Devotion is among the available games on their shop alongside their previous released game Detention and their future projects. All of their games will be in a DRM-free format.


Devotion was delisted from Steam last 2019 due to a controversial meme found by users in-game. The meme was Winnie the Pooh mocking Chinese President Xi Jinping. Because of that, they lost their Chinese distributor and social media accounts. Taiwanese developer Red Candle gave an apology and pulled back the release of Devotion saying that they will make changes in the game but after that, there aren't any updates made.


However, an exception was made last year, December 2020. Good Old Games (GOG), owned by Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt, announced that they will be releasing Devotion on their platform but hours after the announcement they reversed their decision because of various feedback they got from players.


Now, players who like horror games or players who wanted to try this game will now have their chance to play it and scare themselves while they're at it.