Designed for Nintendo Switch Joycon Controller With 8-colour Led Lighting Available February 2022

Omelet Gaming is proud to announce that the JoyCon Controller with multicoloured LED feature compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite will be available for purchase online and in-store starting February 2022. The wireless controller is the first product from Omelet Gaming’s line of gaming accessories.


The JoyCon Controller is aesthetically pleasing with features like multi-coloured LED lighting while also maintaining a comfortable ergonomic design. It is also suitable for both singleplayer and multiplayer use.


Enhanced Customizable Gaming Features

The JoyCon Controller consists of features ideal for gaming such as turbo function, extra mappable gaming button, adjustable vibration motors, and gyro motion control. A turbo controller would let you fire as quickly as possible without needing to physically hit the button many times per second. Furthermore, the extra mappable buttons on the controller enhanced user experience by increasing customization of the controller. Speaking of increasing customization, users can also adjust the level of vibration to their liking. Last but not least, the 6 axis gyroscope in the controller will provide a more immersive gaming experience.


About Omelet Gaming

2022 marks the beginning of Omelet Gaming’s journey. By building our brand around the dish omelet, we hope to convey a brand image that inspires limitless creativity and fun. By conveying this image, we hope to kindle the joy and childlikeness of each and every one of our customers on their gaming journey.

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