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    Enabling Clan Tag
    Once you are a member on the main homepage of the clan, right below the clan name you will see several options. Interact, Set as Playstation Clan, Set as Xbox Clan, and about.

    Choose your Console for which you will be playing Destiny on, either it be xbox or playstation.

    Once you are in game you will have ur Clan tag on ur in game profile with the clan info and the tag by your gamertag/psn id.

    I hope this helps everyone! and We will see u in the Frontier!
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    For those asking for raids sorry guys but ill be retiring once the taken king dlc shows, thank you clan mates and @xero for the great time, will be needing new admin for our group haha
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    Vatos Locos
    me too cant afford this game anymore! another freaking 40usd for that expansion
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