Destiny's Age Of Triumph Update

Age of Triumph is the new Destiny update which brings new features like the new Legendary Marks, many Tower vendors' stock will now cycle through different armor and weapon perks on a weekly basis. Lord Shaxx; and each of the faction vendors. Variks, Shiro, and The Speaker will each also continue to offer different options every week. These include the Vanguard class vendors; the Vanguard and Crucible quartermasters.

Additionally, the Crucible questline The Mountaintop will no longer be available post-patch. If you're still on the quest come Tuesday, you'll only be able to complete that step but no further ones. As a result, this is your last chance to get the Legendary rocket launcher Hothead. For more on what to expect from Age of Triumph Destiny's final live event--check out our previous coverage regarding the updated Raids, new activities, and new armor and updated weapons.

source via Bungie.Net

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