Destiny's New Event Offers a Secret Broom Sparrow

Destiny's new hidden items in the Festival of the lost includes the Harry Potter inspired broom, and it features an expanded version of what we saw last year. You'll go trick-or-treating around the Tower to receive candy from various NPCs, New decorations of social places like The tower, Reef and Iron Temple.

Pick it up, and you'll be able to ride around on a broom in lieu of your usual sparrow, but only for a limited time it expires at the end of the Festival of the Lost. It doesn't appear to be any different from a standard Legendary sparrow, but it does look good.

As for the returning Tiny Box of Raisins, these formerly useless items now serve a purpose. As pointed out by Reddit user DinoAri, after Eris gives you the raisins, you can take them to the Speaker. Trading them in along with 25 Motes of Light provides you with Ascendant Raisins.

source via gamespot
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