Destiny's New Reputation Gains and Rewards Packages


Sep 21, 2014
Among the many changes being made in Destiny's upcoming April update are those to reputation. You'll gain more in a number of activities, and Bungie has now shared shared exactly how much you'll get and what the rewards look like.

Heroic Strikes now award 120 Vanguard reputation and 60 with your faction, while Patrols shell out 40-50 Vanguard reputation and 20-25 with your faction depending on the specific task you're completing. A full list of the new reputation gains is located at the bottom of this post.

Above, you'll see the previews for what rewards you'll be eligible to earn from the various packages. These are each divided into two categories: guaranteed items of which you'll get one per package and possible items of which you can potentially get two per package. Many of these packages are different than what you could earn in the past, but those for Crota's Bane and Queen's Wrath are not changing with the April update.

source via gamespot

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