Destiny's Next Content Update Will Be Announced Tomorrow

The next content update for Destiny will be provided soon for the first details by Bungie, though its not like a major expansion unlike before. The news came from the developers weekly blog post today saying that an announcement and a reveal schedule at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET tomorrow, March 3. It didn't share much about what the new content entails, except to say it consists of some fresh challenges for you to tackle and the sandbox changes that were previewed last week.

Those include further changes to Sidearms, which have become incredibly popular after a recent update, as well as to Truth, No Land Beyond, Blink, and Memory of Skorri. Separately from this, Bungie said a patch will be released for Destiny next week. This won't change anything on the part of players and is instead meant to bolster Bungie's ability to gather data about your playing habits.

source via Bungie


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